Pacific Institute of Technology - Seatlle USA

Salutogenic Design for Healthy Society 

Corenell University, New York

Hospitality and Healthcare Design 

Keynote Speech, Alan Dilani at the 11th World Congress on Design and Health, Hong Kong 

Dr Carol Prunhuber, discussing the book of Building for health, Life Journy of a Kurdish Architect 

The Concept of Health Promotion Lifestyel Center Developed by Health Minister of South Africa, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi and Prof. Alan Dilani 

Dr. John Zeisel interviews Prof. Alan Dilani 

Alzheimer's Disease International 2020

Architect Sir Derek Parker, Lifetime Leadership Awards Winner, Talking about the Building for Health By Alan Dilani

Prof. Alan Dilani with Prof. Joseph Sung, President /

Vice- Chancellor Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Ambassador H. Sinjari speech to honor of Prof. Alan Dilani, duing teh gala dinner at teh city hall of Wien- Austria

The concept of Health House, the most unique Slautogenic and ecological housing project designed by Prof. Alan Dilani in South France, Eze with 80% green


TV Rudaw interviews with  Prof. Alan Dilani 

Healthy lifestyle salutogenic in Kurdish languge