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Alan is a genius at engaging audiences in inspiring, intelligent sometimes radical and often humorous ways. Alan is a renowned professional keynote speaker who appears in many forums as an independent expert. Always customized for specific audience presenting powerful interdisciplinary Salutogenesis lectures on built environment, design, culture, leadership, management, economic, health policy and health promotion by design. Besides being a guest lecturer at many universities worldwide, he delivers many speeches for industry in English, Swedish and Italian language. If you want for your next conference and excite your audience with one the most relevant, inspiring, influential and engaging speaker, please see Alan’s availability and

It is important to design and build prison environments from a security perspective, but also from a Salutogenic health promoting and psychosocially supportive perspective both for inmates and staff. I am keynote speaker at the Design of Correctional Facilities Summit to highlight this aspect in 10-11 June 2021 in Amsterdam.

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October 2-3, 2020          Postponed 5-6 March 2021

Dear Prof. Dilani, the Cultural Division of the City of Lugano, Switzerland and IBSA Foundation for scientific research ( are pleased to officially invite you to the first Swiss forum dedicated to the relationship between "Culture and Health", which will take place in Lugano on October 2-3, 2020.

Venerdì 22 maggio 2020          Postponed 19 e 20 ottobre 2020

Ore 9,00 9,30: SALA NEWTON
Introduzione alle sessioni “Illuminazione urbana: il rapporto con la città e il suo territo rio nell’era delle smart city”, “Luce, archi tettura e benessere sociale” e 3 “La progettazione degli apparecchi di illuminazione con tecn ologia LED: cosa è cambiato e cosa può cambiare”

Invited speaker:
Alan Dilani, fondatore dell’International Accademy of Design and Health e del giornale World Health Design

July  15 -16,  2020          Postponed for the future 

Dear Doctor Dilani,


The next 15th and 16th of July 2020, we will hold in Bogotá, Colombia, the XIV International Congress of Hospitals and Clinics, an academic event that takes place during the VI International Health Fair, Meditech, the largest expo in the region attended by about 12 thousand visitors. At these events, we invite the main government authorities of Colombia, the managers of hospitals and clinics; representatives of the main universities and training centers in health sciences, and also medical equipment and supplies providers, among others. During the International Congress of Hospitals and Clinics traditionally, with the presence of international and national speakers, we present trends in global hospital management and have an overview of the health systems in other regions, providing tools to more than 700 hospital managers attending the academic event, to better plan the future of their institutions.


 In this opportunity we wanted to take a look at global trends in hospital architecture and how they contribute to better health outcomes. Taking into account that you have developed the theory of Salutogenic Design and are a world authority in hospital architecture, we would like to invite you as speaker in our Congress in which you can share how architecture can help heal the sick and where it should advance the architectural design of hospitals and clinics.

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