Professor Alan Dilani

PhD Architect / Public Health

He developed and implemented the theory of Salutogenic Design approach at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, adapted successfully in design- and publich health policy project worldwide with positive impact on human health and well-being. He is the Founder of International Academy for Design and Health,

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More than twenty years I 've known Alan, I 've witnessed his research area from case studies in Sweden to a global exploration of the life-giving impact of Salutogenic design and public health. Well recognized and globally honored, his research findings today attract ever more intrest and practical application within the City Planning, Healthcare Design, Workplace Design and indeed Housing Planning.

Leif Edvinsson, Professor of Intellectual Capital, Lund University, Sweden

Areas of Expertise

Architecture has the capacity to function as a source of dis-ease or to artfully improve our quality of life and health. Salutogenic design is a concept of understanding the impact of surrounding environment on human health and wellbaing.  

This healthful philosophy provides a benchmark for how to live, work, and heal. My vision is that the applied knowledge of design and health should be integrated into all healthcare training, to affect society’s health and growth powerfully in the future. The overall objective is to contribute to a society where people live longer with optimal health, and with a higher quality of life and productivity. Dilani developed Salutogenic principles to be applied for all types of infrastructure projects-- ranging from city planning to creating offices as healthy workplaces or improving environments quality for young people in their schools or at home.

  • Salutogenic Solutions for Healthcare from Vision to Reality

  • Salutogenic Public Health Policy for Ministry of Health Worldwide

  • Vision, Feasibility, Briefing, Concept, Schematic and Executive Design 

  • Salutogenic Leadership, Management and Organization

  • Healthy City, Community, People and Post Covid 19, Healthy Society

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